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25 Jan 2023

Dream kitchen. How to make it look like an individual order?

Dream kitchen. How to make it look like an individual order?

The kitchen is a special part of the house. We start the day here drinking the first sip of coffee, and we end it by eating a family dinner together and talking over a cup of tea. This is a place for cooking lovers and baking lovers. It is therefore important that it is perfect for us, functional and refined according to our wishes.

When arranging or renovating kitchens, however, we have to face the waiting expenses, which often exceed expectations. And for this reason, we give up the kitchen to size to fit in the planned budget and by choosing standard furniture designs, we are far from the ideal of our kitchen. So how to do it cheaper without spending a fortune?

The solution is to cover the furniture with fronts dedicated to IKEA systems, which create a unique look, are original and tailored to your kitchen. Built-in furniture not only looks beautiful, but also allows free use of the kitchen space, increasing its functionality. They give the opportunity to develop difficult places by optimizing its space through solutions such as corner pull-out baskets or waste sorters. The aforementioned furniture construction can be expensive, which is why we come up with a proposal to combine IKEA systems with fronts that meet your requirements.

How it's working?
Tailor-made fronts match standard IKEA cabinets from popular series, e.g. METHODS, which significantly differ in price from ordered custom-made furniture, where originality is definitely combined with cosmic prices. Although IKEA, as a huge chain, is famous for the repetition of patterns and meatballs served after a considerable route in a furniture store, we are sure that furniture in its style is really a large amount saved, which can be easily spent on original design, unconventional colors and non-standard style of fronts.

Dedicated fronts give the possibility of full freedom in designing the appearance of the kitchen. All you have to do is plan your kitchen with the help of a consultant or with the Ikea Kitchen Planner, which is a great online tool to help you perfect every element in the project. Decide on the perfect combination that will stay with you for years and order chests and internal fittings without fronts.

Then it's time to choose the fronts. Here, passing your vision to our consultant, we try to choose the perfect pattern and color. We make selected fronts, plinths, as well as masking elements adapted to standard IKEA solutions. The offered smooth, milled and veneered fronts can also be matched in color to your requirements using the color palettes proposed in the collections - from natural and pastel, through intense and fresh to atmospheric and elegant, or choose your individual choice from the NCS or RAL palette.

After the final selection of the built-in, all that remains is the matter of household appliances and accessories that will give freshness and accentuate the specific style of the kitchen. Choose your favorite flowers for the table and your dream kitchen is ready.

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