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We have a large warehouse, so personal collection is possible, when choosing delivery methods, select "personal collection". We will contact you when the fronts are ready. Then we will set the pick-up date and prepare the fronts for you. Both are loaded with a forklift.

From the moment of placing the order, the waiting time for ready-made fronts is about 30 working days. The next step is delivery - here already the time varies depending on the place of delivery. Generally, your FRAMRE fronts should be with you after about 6-8 weeks. You can check the stage of your order on our website after placing the order.

Yes, we have created a showroom that we are very proud of. We are located near Krakow - you can meet us here in person and order your dream fronts. What's more - you can make an appointment for a specific hour and our consultant will be just for you.

Your order is processed IMMEDIATELY after the entire payment has been credited to our account. If you make a payment by traditional transfer - send us its confirmation by e-mail - MAIL, it will be faster 😊

Based on our experience, we advise that before ordering any fronts, order their sample - even the colors that are in our collection. Our client can see the shade of the color in reality, its surface, and in the case of veneers - the structure. In the case of colors outside the collection, the delivery time is about a week - we make them especially for your individual order! The cost of the sample is deducted from the total amount of the front order - keep the sample code 😊

The shopping list you created in our configurator is assigned an identification number, e.g. ZNX2771. If you have doubts about your order, you do not have enough knowledge to make sure that everything is in order - send us the number of your shopping list and the technical design of the kitchen (a project from IKEA - if you have visualizations, add it or any other project). We will try to reply as soon as possible. Please send any questions to the e-mail address: kontakt@framre.com. If you are close to us, we invite you to our showroom where you can meet us. What's more - you can make an appointment for a specific hour and our consultant will be available only for you. You can place an order with us in person.

Our fronts are drilled in the same way as IKEA fronts, so you can install them yourself, ask any renovation team to do it or order assembly at an IKEA store for an additional fee. Please be especially careful when assembling the fronts. They are then exposed to the greatest damage, they are lifted, set aside, moved, hit with squares - tie their original protection as late as possible. Don't put them on the floor - put a blanket, foam - whatever 😊 Make sure they don't get scratched. Remember that our warranty does not cover mechanical damage resulting from improper assembly of furniture fronts.

FRAMRE fronts can be combined with handles from our collection, but also with any other. Their spacing and location can vary, so we do not drill holes for them. However, drilling for the handles is not difficult - you can do it yourself, you only need a pencil, tape and a drill 😊

At IKEA, buy hinges, shock absorbers, accessories and interior equipment - everything but fronts 😊 . If you are preparing an online project in the IKEA planner, it is best to build a kitchen by adding fronts as well. Then all the necessary elements will be automatically added to the order. Then, before finalizing the entire order - remove only the position of furniture fronts from it.

Here it is an individual matter - choose the one that you think will match the fronts. If you need inspiration, check out our Instagram 😊

In addition to the colors available in our collection, you can order fronts in any color. Then, please enter the code of the selected color from the NCS or RAL pattern book in our configurator. RAL and NCS color charts are the most popular color palettes - you will find them in every interior and construction store. Custom colors are the same price as the colors from the basic collection.

We send the fronts by insured courier on pallets or by special forwarding transport. The cost of such delivery is calculated when placing the order - it depends on the size of the order and the shipping address.

When the fronts are ready for shipment, we will contact you to arrange the date of shipment. On the day of sending the fronts, you will receive a waybill from us and on the basis of it you can track your shipment or obtain a courier number if necessary. In case of questions and doubts, the courier also has the opportunity to call the customer and arrange delivery details.

Wenn es sich um einfarbig lackierte Fronten handelt, ist die Farbe praktisch identisch. Wir müssen bedenken, dass der Lack auf Bestellung jedes Kunden frisch zubereitet wird – es kann einen minimalen Unterschied geben, der jedoch mit bloßem Auge nicht sichtbar ist. Bei furnierten Fronten ist die Situation anders, da sich jede Furniercharge in Struktur, Farbe und Muster unterscheiden kann. „Natur“ ist einzigartig und das macht sie unter anderem einzigartig.



Yes. If you provide your size and not the one that is typical for IKEA modules - we do not drill holes or holes for hinges - you have to do it yourself.

We try to ensure that orders reach our customers immediately, but if, for example, your renovation is delayed and you have no place to store the fronts, we can store them for you. In this case, please contact us and we will work out the details. The cost of storing the fronts for one day is PLN 10. Remember that we must ensure good storage conditions for your fronts. If you already know at the ordering stage that you need the fronts later than our waiting time - let us know. Our logistics will allow us to conveniently plan production.

Remember to check the packaging before accepting the parcel - you have the right to do so. If the packaging is damaged, be sure to report it to the courier with whom you will write a statement and do not accept the shipment. We hope that this will not be the case. Your shipment is insured.

Use ONLY a soft, damp and clean cloth to clean the fronts. In the case of greasy stains and fingerprints, use a mild washing liquid, e.g. dishwashing liquid, then wipe dry so as not to leave. Do not use strong detergents such as Pronto or glass cleaners - they contain solvent substances. , hard washcloths/sponges and scrubbing, because dust settling on the surface of the fronts or simply lying microscopic pebbles can cause scratches. Try to wash all the dirt as soon as you notice it - then it will be easier. Stagnant water and other stains can damage the fronts over time.

Relax! You won't lose your warranty, because at IKEA each item is sold separately, not as a whole. Each of these elements is individually covered by a 25-year warranty.

We try to keep adding projects to our social media. Are you our client? Tag us and we will show off your interior.

Please check the fronts as soon as you receive the shipment. If you notice mechanical damage, be sure to describe it, take a photo and send it to us at the e-mail address office@framre.com within two days of receiving the fronts - before you install them - this is important!! In such a situation, we undertake to deliver the damaged items as soon as possible. Remember that mechanical damage is not covered by the warranty - unfortunately, we will not consider such claims. Each item of your order is carefully inspected and any defects are caught at the production stage. If we missed something, we apologize. When the complaint is approved, we are responsible for the cost of returning or replacing the product.

Our fronts are a non-prefabricated product, i.e. manufactured to individual customer's order, so we ask for thoughtful shopping. The buyer cannot cancel the order after accepting it and making the transfer, because at this point we start the production process of the fronts. If the buyer wants to be sure about the purchase, we encourage you to order our samples or contact us before paying for the order. The exceptions are handles and templates that can be returned.

Our fronts are covered by a 2-year warranty. Since they do not contain any breakable mechanisms, only the material from which they are made can be defective. However, these disadvantages can be noticed much faster. Please be especially careful during assembly - then the fronts are most exposed, they are rotated, the edges may be compacted. Remember that our warranty does not cover mechanical damage and those resulting from improper use. However, if you follow the aforementioned rules of use, our fronts will serve you for many years. Our handles are also covered by a 2-year warranty. More information on the warranty can be found in the regulations on our website.

In accordance with our standards, the side panels for IKEA cabinets are made of solid 18mm thick board, which ensures strength and durability. What's more, we always make sure that the surface of the panels is smooth and free from milling. Thanks to this, our side panels perfectly match IKEA cabinets and guarantee satisfaction from use.

At the same time, we would like to emphasize that if for some reason the side panels would be made in a different way, we encourage you to contact us. Our customer service always strives to provide the highest quality products and services, so we are happy to answer your questions and suggestions.

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