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How to order?

Entire order in 7 steps - It's easy!


If your furniture is from IKEA - design your interior in their store or with the help of IKEA planner. Thanks to this, you will plan to buy everything you need, except for the fronts. In the case of fronts for an individual project from a carpenter - measure the exact dimensions you need.


The next step is to buy all the bodies, accessories from your IKEA shopping list - without fronts, remember.


Then select the pattern and color of the FRAMRE fronts,
if you are not sure, order a sample,
which you will deduct from the order amount.


Create a FRAMRE shopping list in our configurator - enter each front one by one. If there are any repetitions - duplicate to require the risk of confusion. Please check each order carefully to make sure everything is correct.


During the execution of the order, we are in constant contact with the customer. The client is informed about each stage. When the fronts are ready, we will pack them safely and send them to the customer by courier or forwarding transport. Your shipment is insured.


Check your shipment, if everything is ok - it's time to assemble! Framre fronts are assembled in the same way as IKEA fronts. You can do it yourself, hire a team or order the assembly of fronts at IKEA (you must select the assembly of entrusted fronts). If these are not IKEA fronts, the first step will be drilling holes for the hinges, and the second will be their key assembly - it's easy, you can do it.


Choose the perfect handles for your fronts and WE HAVE IT!
Now it remains to capture your unique interior with a camera and send it to us. We want to boast about it.

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