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25 Jan 2023

Earth colors in your kitchen

Earth colors in your kitchen

Natural colors in the kitchen are a trend that is gaining more and more popularity. One of the most important elements of kitchen design are furniture fronts that can introduce a natural, warm and cozy atmosphere to the room.

Bright furniture fronts in the kitchen are a good choice for people who appreciate minimalism and simplicity. Colors such as white, beige or gray perfectly match the design trends. Furniture fronts in natural colors also have many other advantages. Thanks to them, the kitchen becomes more spacious, and the furniture seems lighter and more elegant.

If you dream of a kitchen interior where you will find solace while sipping hot coffee in the morning, choose earth colors inspired by extraordinary nature. The richness of natural shades impresses in every edition, introducing harmony and closeness with nature. The characteristic shades refer to the colors of the earth, sand, vegetation and stones, perfectly suited to the arrangement of kitchens of any style and size. The easiest way to introduce earthy colors into your kitchen is to choose kitchen furniture in natural shades, giving the room a unique, light atmosphere. Bright and subdued furniture fronts, which are very popular, optically increase the space of the room, and also give elegance through simplicity.

The available collections of Främre PURE and TIMELESS fronts provide not only unique earth colors, but also a wide range of finishing methods to the personalized dimensions of your kitchen furniture. Perfect for lovers of minimalism who appreciate delicate surfaces with cozy and timeless colors. When creating a kitchen inspired by the colors of the earth, it is also worth considering natural raw materials that combine home comfort with the greatest blessing in the world, i.e. nature.

Veneered fronts from the WOODEN collection made of high-quality, durable types of wood will not only serve in the kitchen for many years, but also give the interior an exceptionally warm and pleasant appearance. Främre veneered fronts are a perfect combination with natural stone, white ceramic tiles or glass panels, matching both traditional and modern kitchen styles. In the WOODEN collection, the structure, color and finish are also up to you.

Främre furniture fronts are a unique combination of nature and current kitchen trends. Nowadays, ecology and closeness to nature are an important element in human life, so it is worth choosing furniture in a natural style. A kitchen in earth colors creates a cozy, calm and balanced space, and its appearance is in line with the most important global trends in the field of kitchen finishing.

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