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25 Jan 2023

Kitchen trends 2023

Kitchen trends 2023

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it's no wonder that in 2023 we strive for timeless solutions that will make the interior of the kitchen even more cozy than ever. This year, the kitchen decor will be an extension of the living room, and the furniture fronts will play a key role in it, emphasizing the style and character. Natural materials, neutral and subdued colors are a reference to nature, which, by introducing peace and harmony in the kitchen, are a top trend in 2023.

Here are some of the most interesting solutions from Främre that we can see in this year's kitchen arrangements.

  • Minimalist and simple furniture fronts
  • Fronts made of natural materials
  • Bright and subdued colors
  • Matte surfaces and grooves
  • Scandinavian, retro, or maybe rustic or Provencal style?

Minimalist and simple furniture fronts
Minimalism is one of the hottest trends of recent years and it doesn't seem like its popularity will disappear any time soon. In kitchens, minimalist furniture fronts are characterized by simple shapes and uncomplicated lines. In this case, less is more, and furniture made in this way is less overloaded and helps to create a harmonious atmosphere. Främre fronts from the minimalist PURE collection are perfect for lovers of smooth and simple furniture, which will allow for more freedom in designing other elements.

Fronts made of natural materials
Wood, stone and porcelain - in 2023, these materials are the perfect highlight of the warmth and character of the kitchen, while ensuring durability and resistance to damage. Particular attention should be paid to the wooden fronts of the cabinets, especially with visible rings, which, combined with natural colors and plant elements, are the quintessence of the ecological trend in interior design. With our customers in mind, we have prepared the WOODEN collection, which consists of selected structure and colors of wood. Unique veneers are available in seven shades, both light and dark - from Canadian Ash to Smoked Oak. It is worth noting that natural materials perfectly harmonize with elements of wicker, wool or linen, as well as kitchen accessories, such as wooden cutting boards or marble plates.

Bright and subdued colors
Following the ecological trend, we attach more and more importance to natural and calming elements in our homes, which also translates into the choice of colors in the kitchen. Bright colors such as beige, green, pink or blue are definitely the dominant colors of 2023. Nevertheless, there are also bold interiors in deep subdued colors, and even the bold color of 2023 - Viva Magenta. Speaking of fronts, it is worth focusing on Främre colors such as PALE GREEN, CHIC PINK, CREAM TAN or STONE GRAY. One of the novelties in the design of kitchen cabinets is the combination of two different colors, which allows for a more interesting visual effect. Such furniture adds lightness to the space and makes the kitchen seem larger and more spacious. Bright fronts perfectly harmonize with wooden elements, as well as with accessories in intense colors.

Matt surfaces and grooves
Glossy surfaces are a thing of the past, the time has come for matte and satin kitchen finishes. Smooth and matte surfaces are gaining popularity at an express pace, which, with their subdued and unusual appearance, give the kitchen more elegance. The PURE collection and the TIMELESS collection, which in each variant are finished with a timeless mat, will be perfect. It is worth noting that matte kitchen furniture will work perfectly in both light and dark colors. Another fashionable element of the building is grooving, i.e. decorative scratches or grooves in the surface. They can decorate both the fronts of the lower and upper cabinets, as well as decorate the kitchen island. There are many different modifications of grooves, such as STRIPE and CLOUD, thanks to which you can create an original design that gives lightness to our kitchen.

Scandinavian, retro, or maybe rustic or Provencal style?
The Scandinavian style has been dominating interior design for several years now. It means more natural materials such as wood, stone, concrete, as well as bright colors and minimalist forms. In 2023, we are also returning to the 1960s and 1970s, with colorful cabinet fronts and neon accents. The unique design also refers to the rustic style, which focuses on the raw beauty of natural materials and a reference to tradition, while Provencal interiors will appeal to lovers of pastel colors, floral patterns, old furniture, soft fabrics and a large number of accessories. To sum up, kitchen trends for 2023 bring many new and interesting solutions, allowing you to create a kitchen that will not only be functional, but also delight with its design. Bet on personalized Främre fronts and enjoy the timeless kitchen for many years.

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