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30 Nov 2023

Unique furniture - a unique place with Framre furniture fronts

Unique furniture - a unique place with Framre furniture fronts

Ikea Hacks: 5 Ideas for Unique Furniture with Our Fronts

When it comes to interior design, Ikea is often the first choice for many people due to its functional and affordable furniture. However, you can take it a step further by giving your furniture an individual character and style. Here are 5 creative ideas for unique furniture using fronts from our company.

Classic Elegance: Dresser with Antique Cabinet-Style Fronts

Choose fronts from the 'TIMELESS' collection that reflect the look of an antique cabinet. Transform a regular Ikea dresser into an elegant cabinet with a unique charm. With the right color and pattern of fronts, you can create a piece of furniture that catches the eye and fits into traditional interiors.

Minimalist White: Scandinavian-Style Kitchen

If you love Scandinavian minimalism, select cabinet fronts in a light color that maintains the cleanliness and simplicity of the style. Choose your individual color from the NCS or RAL palette, and you'll get furniture that seamlessly fits into modern interiors, radiating freshness and spaciousness. White kitchen furniture visually enlarges the space, and its versatile look allows you to match accessories and wall colors according to your preferences!

Unique Character: Customized BESTA

To give your BESTA cabinet a unique character, choose cabinet fronts with a distinct pattern such as LIGHT CLOUD or STRIPE. Ribbed fronts not only add aesthetics but also texture and style. It's a perfect way to introduce a designer element into your space.

Tailored to Your Needs: Kitchen Cabinets with Fronts of Your Choice

Cabinet fronts allow for full kitchen customization. Choose the right color and material for fronts that best suit your culinary style. Whether you prefer a classic wooden look or a modern finish, you can create your dream kitchen. The selection of kitchen furniture can have a significant impact on the character of the entire interior. Furniture not only serves a practical function but is also an essential element of kitchen design and styling.

Details such as handles, decorative elements, or the shape of cabinets and shelves will also influence the character. Furniture with simple, geometric shapes will suit modern, minimalist kitchens, while furniture with more rounded forms will complement retro or vintage-style kitchens.

Dream Wardrobe: Wardrobe with Seasonal Colored Fronts

Transform your PAX wardrobe by adding fronts in the trendy color of the season. This is a perfect way to create a wardrobe that not only accommodates all your clothes but also serves as a spectacular decorative element in your bedroom.

Bedroom wardrobe fronts can be customized depending on the bedroom style, and there's no need to limit yourself! For example, wooden fronts made of natural wood or veneer will add warmth and elegance to the bedroom, while lacquered fronts with a variety of colors will add more vibrancy to the room.

Framre Furniture Fronts - You Decide the Look of Your Furniture!

With FRAMRE, you can bring almost any interior design idea you have in mind to life. Creating your own furniture has never been easier, and the transformation effect may surprise you.

If you have creative ideas for projects using our fronts, share them with us! We'd love to see the amazing transformations that can be achieved by combining innovation with the quality of our products.

Thank you for visiting our blog, and we encourage you to explore the endless possibilities of transforming Ikea furniture into unique works of art.

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