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25 Jan 2023

Which fronts to choose for your furniture?

Which fronts to choose for your furniture?

Furniture fronts are one of the most important elements that undoubtedly affect the aesthetics and functionality of the interior. Nowadays, a wide range of different styles, colors and materials is available, so when choosing furniture fronts, it is worth taking into account several factors, such as the style of the interior, its size, as well as our individual preferences and needs.

Which fronts will be the most durable and which are the easiest to keep clean? In order to make the best decision and choose the perfect fronts tailored to your furniture, it is worth getting acquainted with the characteristics of individual materials.

  • Veneered fronts
  • Laminated fronts
  • Lacquered fronts
  • Acrylic fronts

Veneered fronts
Veneered fronts are MDF boards covered with a thin layer of natural wood and covered with matte or gloss varnish to increase the durability of the material. There is also an option of milled veneer fronts, i.e. STRIPE - these, in turn, are made of high-quality blockboard. Veneered fronts are an excellent alternative to solid wood furniture, because they look like natural wood, but they are undoubtedly more practical and lower in price. Veneered fronts are resistant to UV radiation, less susceptible to moisture, and their processing is not a problem. What is important, veneered fronts are easy to care for, so if you are a fan of wooden surfaces and cozy decor, be sure to check out the unique WOODEN collection, which is a collection of veneered fronts in natural colors and wood structures available in various finish patterns.

Laminated fronts
Laminated fronts are a great solution for people who value functionality and durability, not forgetting about the price, which in this case is usually the lowest on the market. Kitchen fronts are laminated, easy to clean, durable and resistant to sunlight. Laminate fronts also have antistatic properties, which means they prevent static electricity and attract dust. These types of fronts are a versatile solution that fits a variety of kitchen styles, and laminates are available in a variety of colors, textures and patterns, which allows them to match any decor. If laminated fronts are what you like, order them in the FURNITURE BOARD CUTTING tab from the best manufacturers such as Forner, EGGER, Swiss Krono, Kronospan or Pfleiderer.

Lacquered fronts
Another available option for kitchen cabinet fronts are lacquered fronts. The extremely popular choice of varnished fronts is created by covering a high-quality MDF board with a layer of varnish, creating a smooth surface that is not only highly durable but also resistant to moisture and high temperatures. Lacquered fronts are available in a wide range of colors and, as in the case of veneered fronts, the finish is possible in both gloss and matt - if you are worried about quickly visible streaks, it is worth considering the option with a matte finish. In turn, its milling is possible using a CNC machine, and the surface itself, reflecting the incoming light, optically enlarges small rooms. However, it should be remembered that this type of fronts, especially in the glossy version, is susceptible to scratches and chips.

Acrylic fronts
The last popular type of kitchen fronts are acrylic fronts, which are a cheaper alternative to varnished fronts. Acrylic fronts are made by covering the MDF board with acrylic veneer. Acrylic is characterized by exceptional resistance to mechanical damage and easy to keep clean. The fronts can have a matte or high-gloss finish, and thanks to their texture they resemble glass. Their limitation, in turn, is the inability to mill the handles and the limited number of colors. Acrylic fronts will work well in various kitchen styles, but they will fit particularly well into modern and minimalist arrangements. Their glossy surface and elegant appearance perfectly match modern furniture and kitchen appliances. At the same time, acrylic fronts in a matte finish can be suitable for Scandinavian or industrial style kitchens, and depending on the color and pattern of the veneer, acrylic fronts can be adapted to various kitchen arrangements, from bright and minimalist to colorful and bold. This type of fronts is also available in the FURNITURE PANELS CUTTING tab, and their producers are, among others, Aquaacryl and Elcavo. The choice of kitchen fronts is an important decision that will affect the aesthetics and functionality of the entire kitchen. The presented types of fronts are characterized by a different structure, properties and, of course, prices. When deciding on specific kitchen fronts, it is worth paying attention to the current trends, the style of the entire kitchen, its dimensions, but above all, it is worth being guided by functionality and your own preferences. Främre furniture fronts are high-quality fronts matched to IKEA cabinets that will perfectly fit into your kitchen.

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