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Cutting and wrapping order form

Fill out the form and our Customer Service department will contact you as soon as possible.

Order details

eg. laminated board

eg. 2800x2070

manufacturer's symbol, e.g. 8681

selected decor, e.g. PE

do not fill if it is to match the color

choose thickness - 0.5/0.8/2 mm

  • edges - write "|" or "||" vertical lines for a given dimension, depending on how many pages we cover
  • given dimensions of the forms are GROSS (ready dimensions)
  • indifferent jars - ticking ✓ means that the arrangement of the jars in the given format is NOT important
  • consequences of incorrect dimensions and markings are borne by the ordering party
  • in the case of countertops, you do not need to fill out the form above - please send the drawing to zamowienia@ciecieplyt.com
  • the length dimension will be made along the board's grain

List of items

rim (length)

Edges glued along the length of the form
| - one edge along the length
|| - two edges along the length

length [mm] width [mm]
rim (width)

edges glued along the width of the form
| - one edge across the width
|| - two edges along the width

quantity grain pattern indifferent
Add item

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